dealsget $10 back when you spend $30 or more


People still go to Radio Shack?

The last I I was there they wouldn't let me complete a purchase until they had my street address and phone info, as well as my full family history... all for a lousy pair of alligator clips.


Cool! You get 30% back on your purchase! So then that brings their stuff down to only being 20% overpriced! (Of course the catch is you have to spend your $10 'rebate' on more highly overpriced Chinese junk.)

Just a few weeks ago I needed a specific, uncommon battery. Found it on RS website for $8 + change.
Bought 2 of the exact same battery on ebay for $5.80, including shipping.


Remember back in the day when you were looking for whatever hobby electronic part and you went to RadioShack and found it? It's like that again. I haven't been in one in years and needed an adapter and plug and was shocked at the selection. They do offer a lot of good coupons plus a military discount so I'm more than happy to shop there.


Radio Shack comes in handy sometimes. I actually got my new iPhone 5 there when it came out because they weren't sold out like all the other stores were, and the service was pretty good. $10 off $30 is not bad, even with modest overpricing given their convenience. That said, the way they have this deal structured in the fine print is pretty bogus - you get the $10 coupon for use at Radio Shack only after you've spent $30 or more at the store or website, and you can't use that $10 coupon for another 3 days, which of course dramatically increases the chances that you won't use it.