deals2 pack of 2-tone bamboo cutting boards - just pay…


I've heard bad things about this site. Also note the size, these are very small cutting boards.


I've bought several things from this web site and haven't had a problem. Maybe I've just been lucky but so far so good.


@ebeyisland: totally agree. I really like this site. Yes, the shipping can be slow but since I already know this, it is not an issue.


almostheaven - I also like this site.If something is wrong with your order call them and they will make it right.You actually speak to a person if you call them during their normal business hours.


Wow! I've been buying from the Jammin' Butter sites for a couple of years and never had a problem other than some website glitches. I've called a couple of times with questions or to resolve the website problems and gotten a live person (in Tennessee, I think) who was always helpful. The last time I called, I think I took up about 15 minutes of her time just chatting about my likes and dislikes, and got a nice email shortly afterward from the top dog over there, thanking me for the feedback and giving me some pretty substantial coupon codes.

Their ThatDailyDeal site is also my favorite place to buy their version of a BOC. They cost a bit more, but are always stiff with a TON of mostly usable stuff. And when they offer anything random and note that you should indicate any preferences in your comments, they have always honored those requests, too.

I think I need to go over to Reseller Ratings and post my own review.