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Apparently they are bad spammers and their clothes are not worth the prices.


There are better "flash sale" sites out there. This one has high shipping costs, they charge your card immediately, but take weeks and weeks before your order even gets shipped.


You have to really be careful about their 'great' prices. I ordered a Melissa & Doug toy from their children's section and discovered a few minutes later that it was cheaper on Amazon. BTR did allow me to cancel the order but they inflate the 'retail' price and their sale prices aren't really sales.


FYI, Signed up for this like a year ago and the $10 credit was not valid towards shipping costs. After 6 months of constant everyday e-mails I removed myself from here. Sorry Woot, I love ya but this is a win/lose situation!


@mommyleah: I agree - still signed up, still have the credit in my account for over a year. Either I don't find anything I want, or their prices are not as good as at other sites.

Sorry, @theFenst


I have to agree with everyone. I have only ordered a couple of things, and finally received them after a month! I actually forgot I ordered them because it had been so long. The shipping costs turn me off as well, and it's always the same stuff almost every day on sale. I'll be removing myself from there today as well.