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I ordered the same deal from this same website a couple of weeks ago. This is the cheapest deal I've seen on the net. Even if you wait for an eBay auction you might get to snatch one at a similar price. The XS was shipped in a generic box, but basically brand new, with the unit itself, remote, batteries, AV cables ( go HDMI), power adapter, and instructions. Shipping was a tad slow from San Jose, CA to MS.

My ony gripe is that when I tried set-up via WiFi, updating the firmware always stopped at 4% and ERROR: 011 would continously appear on the screen. Once hard wired to my modem, the set-up took less than 5 minutes. After that, the wireless mode worked without a problem.

I have two refurbished Roku XD 2025X that I ordered from a different website a few years ago and they still work flawesly to date.

I was hoping the Netflix inteface would have gotten an upgrade on this model and that it worked the same as in my Playstation, but no dice. Still, I love my Roku.


@pwknowles: To my knowledge the GUI/software to run XS or XD is the same. The difference between the two is hardware and accompanying firmware to run the extra hardware. XD would be a downgrade.


I also ordered one of these the last time it was on sale. I put it in my son's room (where I run an output from a Dish receiver in our bedroom). This thing has been great! Loaded up a few channels after getting it set up on our wi-fi. Also have Netflix and it's been streaming wonderfully (it's paused a few times to buffer, but hasn't lately - it's several rooms away from our router and we only have DSL 6Mbps). My next plan is to try playing video off of a USB stick directly, as well as a NAS.
It did come in a generic brown box just for shipping, but had everything you need to get it up and running. If you can go HDMI, that would be best.
Going to order a second one! My first one looks and functions as though it were brand new.
Don't limit yourself to just the channels on Roku's site, there are tons of "private" channels out there.


I've ordered two, one for me and one for my parents. Both work very well. I have mine coupled with Plex Media Server on my desktop to serve all of my movies and TV shows.


This site maintains the most up-to-date list of private and public channels for the Roku:


For anyone who wants to run their own (free) media-server at home, serving to their Rokus (Rokii?), check out MyMedia.
Note there appears to be two projects/products with the same name that is likely to cause confusion... one is open-source and written in Python (should run on anything), the other is for windows PCs only.

The Python one that I've used on Linux and Solaris:

Windows one, from the makers of PlayOn:


@lauransteve: Spammy. Not a go-to Roku site. For example:

Best Roku Deals
here's the best roku deals i know of right now.

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sams club: roku 2 XS, 2 months free hulu plus trial for $78.98. with HDMI cable. In-store as of 6/1/2013. Online price 6/5/2013 is $84.99

bj's club: roku 2 XS, 2 months free hulu plus trial $79.99 with HDMI cable. Online price as of 6/4/2013

Acorn: $79.99 for Roku2 XD and 1 year subscription to Acorn Premium. Acorn Premium includes unlimited streaming from Acorn TV's selection of BBC programming, plus free shipping on merchadise from $79.99 Roku2 HD value + $29.99 Acorn TV value. - verified 6/5/2013


@da5id: The link was purely information on channels available on the Roku, not where to buy one. I thought that was clear in my post.


@glabifrons: thanks for that info about MyMedia. I'm using a different server now (on Linux) and I'm not super happy with it. I'll try this.


1saleaday frequently runs deals on this. When I finally bite on a Roku, I'll probably get this one, as it also has a wired Ethernet jack (many of the WiFi models do not).