dealsfinal fantasy xiii-2: playstation 3 and xbox 360…


@gsosnowski3: I feel your pain (lack of pain?). Right now my backlog is something like 20 games long most of which are RPGs. Hell, I still have PS2 games I haven't played. I also have something like 15 epic fantasy novels sitting around for something like 10,000 pages of reading.

And next month Diablo III comes out...pushing everything back even more.


@gsosnowski3: I also got those games (minus Mass effect cause it was sold out)
I played through 13 and just started this one. If you liked 13 this plays much more differently. If you hated parts of 13 (such as instant KO causing game over) they've improved the combat system a bunch. At $30 if you think you might be interested it's worth it.


@cerwin8d & @sheetz: My backlog is ridiculous. I have been collecting games since I was a child. My collection is now above 500 and probably nearing 1000. I figure if I buy new games this cheap, it is impossible to lose money when trying to resell. I just make sure not to open them until I am ready to play anymore. The wife gets angry, because I have three "bookshelves" full of games now, and am needing to get another now.


@rak0ribz: real cost for me would be buying a console just to play this one game. Which I've been hankering to do for the past month now. :-)


The reviews on XIII-2 are better then XIII, and indicated they listened to feed back from XIII players.


@gsosnowski3: I bought the exact same games you did on that deal, and have only started Batman. My backlog is getting a bit large thanks to these kind of deals.


@gsosnowski3: Jeez man... My back log is already pretty big but I don't know what I would do if I had a month like that. Don't want to use my vacation this soon in the year. ;)


Got this for $15 last week at bestbuy with the gamer coupon that was circling the net. Also got Mass Effect 2 for $5, Rage for $5, and Arkham City for $10. March was a great month!


For me, the real cost would have to include the loss of income from not coming in to work for 2 weeks and getting fired for it. Still, it's a pretty good deal.


@kroneko: I'm with you on that. $60 bucks is way too much for my blood right now. I went ahead and grabbed the ps3 version this morning.


Thanks for post! Been wanting to play the game just too cheap to shell out $60 for it