dealsbright string bikini, sizes small to 1x for $49…


Should a string bikini come in XL?


@richard8655: I think that is the size pictured...
The question is... Is the XS wearable??


@hobbitss: HA I was thinking more along the lines of... Is the 1X wearable??? Being a plus sized girl myself... My motto is: If it don't come in your size, there's a reason why!!!! LOL and if it DOES...well.. consider the consequences ;)


@richard8655: What a scumbag you are. I guess the real question is: would any woman want to live with a jerkoff like you?


@richard8655: Dude... the "should stuff like this be made in XL" comments are so old. A woman doesn't have to have a super model body to look good in something like this. But I imagine the closest you are getting to a woman is Ocheri's website, huh?


I wanna scrunch her bottom...if you know what I mean


She`s the one who`ll be adjusting my fit...if you know what I mean


@firefox91: A supermodel's body is quite different that an XL body. There is the healty "in between" you know... BTW your you're-only-getting-internet-action joke is pretty old too.


54 downvotes (and counting), is that a new record for Ohcheri?