dealssuper talent 4gb, 8gb, 16gb & 32gb class 10 high…


Shipping is $2.99 per item.


With GearXS you will never receive anything, and when you complain they will give you a fake tracking no.


Hello @mattha7,

please email us at with your order# and email address and we will be happy to take care of this issue asap.


GearXS Team


I bought 4 of the 8gb micro sd's and i love them. They came within about 2 weeks from order. I had no trouble at all. Still not sure on the actual write and read speeds but eh o well they were cheap


Hello @mattha7,

after reviewing your order, the tracking number was the transaction number from our system, by mistake the system sent you the postage transaction number. we are so sorry for any inconvenience and want to take care of it asap.

please email and i will issue gift certificate to you.


GearXS Team


I've purchased from GearSX previously, and I had no issue with them directly. However, approximate to the purchase I made (within the week) the card I used had it's number stolen and purchases were made on it from Washington State if I remember correctly.

I can't say it was directly correlated to GearXS or the Subway that catered into my work that week. But, one of the two surely.

Additionally, the micro SDHCs in this "deal" are not class 10.


Hello @kamikazeken,

To remind you we contacted you 4 times and asked from you to check your mail box for the package (USPS show the item was delivered), after 2 days you went and check it our and find you laser pointer there. GearXS sent the item to you twice. (we never recived the 2nd laser back) and the package was delivered after 3 days direct to your mail box.


GearXS Team


@gearxs: Get it together, guys, your reputation is tanking:

One other piece of advice, don't use all caps and exclamation points in your responses. It's unprofessional and reduces the validity of what you're stating.


@tryzub: Plus most of their 5 star reviews are fake. User signs up just to rate GearSX 5 stars with a sentence? Nuh-uh.


There's a lot of misleading info in this posting.The heading says "Class 10 High-Speed SDHC & Micro SD", implying both SDHC and microSD cards are Class 10. The micro cards are CLASS 4, not Class 10, a fact the poster fails to mention in the detailed list. It's far too easy to miss this fact.

The poster seems to have just copied the titles from the single GearXS page showing all cards, which also leaves out "Class 4" from the micros' titles, but if you click on any of the micros' links, THOSE titles say "Class 4". This is exactly how a company wanting to trick someone into buying Class 4s when they thought they were buying Class 10s would protect themselves: "But the actual order page clearly said 'Class 4', and we never said the micros were 'Class 10'!"


This deal was here not too long ago - about a month ago I think? I ordered the 16gb class 10 SD card and received it fine. The card itself is pretty fast writing to (at least faster than some of my other SD cards). It came new and in retail packaging, shipped in a bubble mailer.

This was the only time I have ever ordered from them and my transaction went smooth. Sorry to hear some of ya have had some trouble with them, but I'd have no problem ordering from them again.


Trying my luck and seeing how their service measures up. If it goes good, you win a great loyal customer, if it doesn't, well, let's just say you'll have about 4,000 more people not shopping there. Let the games begin!

In all seriousness, $10 is pretty good for a 16GB Class 10, I'm not expecting miracles, but I do expect this to be shipped and here by the end of April. 7 business days spread over 2 weeks is more than enough time.


re: USPS 'tracking' numbers: I ship via USPS and FedEx daily. While FedEx's tracking numbers are active as soon as the package is scanned, the USPS system does not actually use the numbers for tracking. They are used for delivery confirmation, which is usually free. If you select 'notify me of delivery' when you ship, you'll get an email outlining the actual delivery process from origin to destination with all the intermediate stops, but only after the parcel is delivered.
Yes, it's a huge waste of resources, but that's the USPS...........


Like roguealchemist said:
The micro SDHCs in this "deal" are not class 10.
They are only class 4.


I have placed eight orders with over the last two years and have never experienced problems. I purchased several PCs, a server, a couple of mystery boxes and a couple other items. The items were all as advertised and in working condition.


@gearxs: It looks like you're trying to save face by responding to the unhappy customers here. I've gotta say, though, it doesn't encourage me to buy from you at all. I wouldn't want to have to complain on an unrelated message board before getting helped, as apparently two people here have.

And I have to agree with a previous poster, that your response here to @kamikazeken was very unprofessional and does nothing for your reputation. Apart from the "SHOUTING", your ability to construct complete thoughts in that response is very discouraging. It reminds me of when I get spam phone calls on my cell phone from scam artists who get angry and start yelling at me in broken English when they realize that I am not going to fall for their (profanity).


$11.96 to ship 4 SD cards? Ouch.


Meritline regularly runs deals on Super Talent cards that aren't quite this low but I've never had a problem getting items from them. It's worth the extra dollar or 2 to deal with a trustworthy company, IMHO.

For example, today they have the 16 GB class 10 on sale for $12.95 shipped.


Just wanted to say that I have bought from these guys different stuff on 3 occasions over the last 4 months and had no problems..... I hope it's not a case of famous last words!


Their customer service is nothing but lies, and when they ask you to rate them and give them a negative rating they will contact you and attempt to get you to change your rating so it doesn't hurt their business. They couldn't care less that your problem with them was real and unresolved.


I ordered a 32mb 3/21, received 4/3. I've ordered from them before with no problems.


Shipping is outrageous, You can use USPS bulk rate boxes much cheaper for multiple packages. Seems like they are padding the discount with inflated shipping . Also a bit suspect because I have never used before and seems there are problems with customer service. I can't take the chance, will not buy.


@blainekyle: yo "blaine"... :) read the whole thing and try to put it together... and quit your whining... :thumbdn: :lol: :)


I bought one of these... tested it and it's not quite as fast as a sandisk, but it's definitely class 10. I ordered from these guys, gave them benefit of the doubt, and I got my stuff in 3 days. So, they're not all bad...



Shipping is a rip-off. It's $2.99 for "each" one you buy. Any company using that bait & switch will ultimately screw you even more given the opportunity.


Wow! I generally read the community comments if I am unfamiliar with the vendor--as in this case. So glad I did. A note to the 'woot' sites' administrators: I have ordered from the original site(and various spinoffs for years) for both personal and professional purchases and constantly sing your praises (spread the wealth). I have very rarely had to return an item, but each time I did, you stood behind the offer and refunded. Since I have believed the vendors on your sites were already thoroughly 'vetted' by your staff, I trusted the quality of vendors/products. Please don't tarnish such a stellar image (at least in my eyes) by associating with those who may set the bar quite lower than yourselves.


@peterbinsd: yo "peter"... You aren't making any sense. You thumbs me down and I've still got eleven. What about you?


Plain and simple: GearXS sucks.


Just a request for information purposes - please when making claims regarding vendors, bring links and supporting evidence so we may all be better informed and empowered shoppers!

Also, don't hesitate to @ staff members so that issues with vendors can be investigated. We want our community to have positive experiences, and your efforts can help!


Considering that Gearxs lists a lot of lasers that are illegal in the US the people claiming they were scammed or had their CC stolen after buying from them sounds plausible.

I was tempted tell I noticed they were claiming to be selling 1000mw handheld lasers and other lasers that would be illegal for them to be importing or selling... so I passed, better to be safe than have my CC used for god knows what.


Dear woot deals friends... Here is a real deal:
Kingston 8GB SDHC 2-Pack (2 x 8GB) - Class 4

Yes, they might be slower than these claim to fame class 10's but they are made by Kingston (very reputable brand in flash memory) so they might be less likely to fail and they are only $5 a piece (buy in set of 2 for $10) with free shipping.


Wow! Lots of comments.

I just looked at the pages and I think it's pretty easy to tell that some of are not class 10. I also don't think it's incumbent for sellers to highlight their lesser qualities in the ads as long as they don't actually hide or lie about them. I mean, the ones that say Class 10 are the "good" ones, and they post those with "CLASS 10)" in the headline of the impact ad. When you go to the individual pages though, the "Class 4" is in big bold print at the top of the page. Plus, you can't put the class 4's in your cart without going to the individual page.


gearxs also gave me a fake tracking number last year. I had to file a paypal dispute to finally get my item a mo nth later.

Woot staff are still deleting my comments from gearxs sponsored deals. I originally had the 4th post on this item, but once again it's gone. JUST BECAUSE MY TRANSACTION WAS A YEAR AGO, doesn't mean my review of this company is no longer valid. I believe the woot community deserves to know what kind of shady company this is.

Gearxs reviews of late indicate they've now added another scam to their repertoire, where they send items with insufficient postage, meaning you're stuck with a postage due item and have to pay the post office to get your item. READ THEIR REVIEWS!!!

edit: they did finally offer me a refund last year, after several months of complaining. I'm still waiting for the refund more than a year later...


here's the link to my case at reseller ratings where they acknowledge offering me a refund which I never got. scroll down to the post by K-Ken

check out 98 negative feedbacks they've received in the last month