dealshorse head mask super creepy for $14.95 + freeā€¦


It is completely unnecessary to make fun of anyone's looks ( public persona or not ) in order to promote a deal that has nothing to do w/ them {except in your own mind}. It doesn't not reflect what I feel is in the spirit of Woot! . Your write up is also unnecessarily crude in making fun of this person.

It's a mask. Halloween is coming. These usually get voted up. Why be hurtful and unkind ? It's bad karma.


@ceagee: And here I thought it was about humor - something always welcome on Woot!


anyway it is absolutely not expired, I just ordered one. Free shipping with prime, $14.95.

@ceagee: actually, references to celebrities who have horse faces are a woot tradition for this mask. Getting all whiny about being "mean" to rich celebs is in fact what goes against the irreverent traditions of woot and deals.woot