dealsanvil pruner- craftsman for $5.99


This is an okay pruner, but you can't depend on it for the heavy duty work that a more expensive pruner (in the $60-$70 range) would do. It's five bucks. Heck, even for ten bucks, you'll get your money's worth. Just remember that this is cheap metal, made in China, and it's not going to work to trim in the way a lopper or other tool would do. For trimming back the hedges, and similar things, this will work just fine.

It's five bucks. That's the price of one of those nasty sugar drinks from Starbucks, but less calories.


But those Starbucks drinks are sooooo good - not good for you - but the frappichino - yum


"Anvil Pruner-Craftsman" should be a sign hanging on a Finish Carpenter's porch!


Excellent - my anvils need pruning again!


I wonder if they are the same price in the store?
I can actually use one.
For $6, just buy a new one every year or so.
I abused mine. If I bought a good one, I would find some way to ruin it anyway.
The web site said there are 6 in the store here. Guess I'll go see.


@dontwantaname: Just have it shipped to the store for free. That way you know it is there and the same price.


Should be guaranteed for life as a craftsman hand tool. If you break it they replace it for free.


It's a trap... The web site shows the price as twice the amount....