deals1600 tc series egyptian comfort™ luxury sheet set…


Scammy the sheet salesman strikes again:

"1600 tc" is a scam to fool you into thinking it refers to thread count-it doesn't

"Egyptian comfort" a ploy to make you associate this with Egyptian cotton- HAH

With that said, These are of the finest quality that you would normally associate with bedding sold out of the back of a van at swap meets and flea markets.


According to the reviews on Amazon, these are the worst sheets ever. One reviewer actually called them the "AIDS of bedding."


I've had generally good experiences with 1saleaday, but this brings them down the scamminess level of GEARXS.


Wal-Mart sells relatively cheap microfiber sheets for under $30. I had a set and they were actually pretty comfortable and smooth.


Mehcrofiber is not cotton. Great for some things- not sheets.


@soupkaty My favourite review is the one that says, "Who is Christopher Adams and how is he allowing this???"


I thunk I have been had!
Shame on Woot.