dealscoboc 6 ft. hdmi® a male to a male cable (black…


I just got a couple of these from Newegg in last week. They all work perfectly, but none of the ones I got were actually 6 ft long. They are all actually much closer to 5 ft.

This is still a stupidly awesome deal.


I only buy Monster Cables after I read the difference here:


@pleepleus: I thought you were serious before I clicked the link.. almost down voted you..


These are fine. For a buck and a half plus tax, I'm in.


I have high end HDMI cables and junk cables like this one. They all work the same. Unless you really want to show off how much money you can waste, this cable works great!


I ordered 4 of these last week from Newegg on the same deal, they arrived 2 days later!!!
I love Newegg!!!