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7 Wonders is probably the most fun game which has been released in the past few years. The only knock on it is that after a few dozen plays, strategies get a bit predictable. If you buy a copy, I'd strongly encourage getting the 'leaders' expansion as well, as it adds some needed variability.

Left off the games flagged, though, is Castles of Burgundy (it's the top-rated of all those available by BGG), which is a wonderful game with some similar game play mechanics to Puerto Rico, but with a really smart dice-rolling mechanic.

For anyone getting into board games, this is a great deal to get you started.


Formula D is a pretty fun family racing game. Lots of strategy, some luck and up to 10 players.


My buddies from work and I a few months ago started doing a game night fridays where we just enjoy some light drinking and misc board games. This is a great deal to get you started. We generally will do a board game and then a card game.

Take the time to also browse for games as there are some other nice deals pertaining to games actually.
My impulse purchases where
DC Game - (cheapest I could fine)
Zombicide (Tanga has this onsale for 74.99) on Amazon it is only 53.99
I also found Smash Up and the expansion with the lowest price by a good 8 dollars.


I'm a big fan of The Resistance. If you like Mafia or Bang, it is in that style of game play but with a couple of twists ... I like it better than either of those games.


Awesome deal on 7 wonders. Played at con last year and looked around, but no one had a great sale.


Been wanting 7 wonders for quite a while so had to jump on this.

I found this deal somewhere else so didn't know about this post but there was also a amazon $5 credit with spending $25 or more giving you another $5 off! Now that I am looking for it I can't find it lol. I'll keep looking or it can probably be found on slickdeals. Though not sure if it's expired already anyway...and this deal is running out of time. Sorry to let you guys down :/ lol.


that was easier than I thought...I got sent a confo email with the deal:

Upon completion of the "Share & Claim" action, a $5 off $25 or more promotional credit will be automatically applied to your Amazon account. Promotional credits must be redeemed by 11:59 PM PST on Thursday, August 22, 2013. This promotion is available to customers located and with billing addresses in the United States. Limit one promotional credit per customer. Quantity is limited.

I got 7 Wonders for $24.83 (after tax :/) with these two deals.


The link at the top of the page is expired, but it seems that all of the games on the list are still individually on sale if you search them up normally.