dealscowboy bebop: the movie [blu-ray] for $7.70…


I thought I'd post the opening credits to the series, but when I searched youtube I saw that every episode of the series is there and so is the movie!

Buy the bluray, though.


The bluray gets a bit of a smackdown on Amazon because it was presented in 2.1 sound, vice 5.1 on the DVD. It's a good experience despite that. For those curious, the events in the movie would have taken place before the second to last episode in the series.


i like the 'hey pumpkin head' song from the parade.


This was a great movie. One of the few shows that I really enjoy the English cast, but man the 9/1/2001 release date killed the prospects of a proper theatrical release in the US. It took years for the movie to be released in the US.