deals30-pack super top extra heavy duty long life…


Very misleading description on the site. These are carbon-zinc batteries ("heavy duty") and are not alkaline. In fact, their formulation is acidic.

These batteries are ok for low-drain devices, but they will not last long at all in flashlights or most electronics. They usually hold 1/4 or less of the charge of an alkaline and they self-drain faster than alkaline on the shelf.

I would recommend most considering this deal to wait for an alkaline battery deal. "Heavy Duty" almost always means carbon-zinc and not alkaline.


Yes DO NOT BUY THESE BATTERIES...they are the worst. I bought them once before. Battery life is maybe a cpl of day and after a month they started to leak acid. ended up in the trash. Total waste of money


Not only that, it's actually $5.98 per package, as it is $2.99 shipping per deal ( shipping is for each individual package of batteries ).


I agree,this type of battery should be avoided also keep in mind Tanga can take up to two weeks just to ship your purchase.


Thanks for the comments, guys!


(Sigh) Why do I always feel like I'm getting beaten up when I post a Tanga deal. I have never had a problem with them, although I understand that a few of you have. Regarding the battery price WITH shipping, please note that I DID include the price of shipping in my description.


@belyndag: sorry you do post alot of nice deals on here. In addition to the shipping delays, I've bought stuff from tanga labeled on the site as new but arrived in a condition on than that.

keep up the good work, but understand most people probably won't care for tanga. if you haven't had problems with them consider yourself lucky.


@belyndag: I too greatly appreciate your postings. Woot community is my "go to" place before I go to any other place on the Internet (except, of course, WOOT itself)


@luke975 and @mjonczak: Thanks, folks. Sorry for the whining. My son leaves for college on Saturday. Still not sure how I feel about that "empty nest" thingie. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself. Argh! When did I become my mother!?!?!?!


@belyndag: sorry your sons leaving for college. 1saleaday is another pia site. I ordered some plastic containers on the 28th of july. they just arrived today. To me that's unacceptable.


@luke975: Oh, DS leaving for college is actually WONDERFUL! This is my special needs kid and he's 28. It's a miracle that he's doing this at all. Ordinarily I would post something to AtC to let folks know about it since quite a few know about him, but since TPTB came out with the new FAQs limiting AtC posts to those about deals, I dare not do so lest I be banned forever!

So far the most delayed purchase delivery I've ever had was from Nearly three months! I quit even checking out their site, although they seemed to have some good deals. I see that they're investing in a lot of TV commercials so I guess they're making enough money to upgrade their marketing. Hopefully they'll invest some of that money in upgrading their shipping!