dealsthe dark side of the moon (2011 - remaster): pink…


How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!?


Prisms work the best on the Light side of the moon, you know, where the sun hits it...


I picked this up from an past sale. Friggin love it!!


@kev50027: You won't find that on this disc :)


"Amazon MP3 Downloader is required"

Amazon = RealMedia of 2014


@bbreon: as a user of Amazon who purchases mp3's often, I don't agree at all. Real Media full on owned your crap no matter what. As long as you purchase from Amazon, you can happily, easily use the mp3's at first download no matter how you choose to go from there. You can keep them on your computer, email them to yourself or a friend, burn them to a cd, etc. perhaps they aspire to being the new RealMedia, but they sure the heck aren't there yet...


Thx for the heads up on this . Grabbed for a $1 after including the recent Amazon FB $2 credit ! Sweeeet .


@bbreon: This has to be the most ridiculous claim I've read about digital media services. The new Realmedia is and has been, Apple I-tunes.


@bbreon: It says that, but that's just to download them more all at once. You can download them one at a time through Amazon's cloud player, and either way they're 320kbps DRM-free MP3s. Real was the most terrible crap, Amazon really kickstarted the DRM-free music market, forcing Apple to play along.

Now if only they'd do the same with ebooks...


@arcsech: Oh, did Amazon switch to 320 kbps? Last I looked they were still selling 256 kbps mp3s. If so, I wonder if it was Google Play selling at that bitrate that made them change.


As others have pointed out, Amazon's DRM-free mp3 downloading is absolutely fine—sure, you need to download through their proprietary downloader program, but the process has never given me any problems.

Personally, I am an Amazon loyalist because of their Cloud Player (well, actually their super-low classical prices, but that's neither here nor there). All Amazon mp3 purchases are streamable or downloadable through their Cloud Player app, so I can listen to all of my purchases all day at work, no hassle.


Digitally remastered - then turned into MP3s. Something of a F A I L.


"Digitally remastered - then turned into MP3s. Something of a F A I L." Not something of a FAIL! a huge one! Why not go to the thrift store and get the cassette tape for a couple bucks less if you're only getting lossy MP3 quality!


@arcsearch: I just bought this deal, and they're encoded using VBR at 231-251 kbps. Still a good deal, but not 320.

Wish Amazon would post the bit rate on the product page.


Just picked this up. Thanks! Quality is great. Sounds fantastic and a price that can't be beat!


@tsfisch: "You won't find that on this disc :)"

The state many people will listen to this in, yes they will, and a lot more.


@arcsech: "Amazon really kickstarted the DRM-free music market, forcing Apple to play along."

This is TOTAL crap. Apple never wanted to include DRM but was forced to do it by the big record companies.

The Guardian wrote that Apple "has struggled to convince the record labels to agree to drop DRM for iTunes downloads in a power struggle over who controls the future of the music industry."

Amazon didn't force Apple "to play along." Apple, due to its marketing power, forced the record companies to play along. What Apple did do was agree to multiple pricing levels on songs and albums, something the record companies wanted.


@dmkraig: Steve Jobs might have said that he never liked DRM, but consider Apple's history: They lock down everything they make, and do everything they can to keep you from using their content on other devices or from adding unauthorized content on their devices. Apple doesn't give two **s about their customers, they're primarily a marketing company that's in it for the profit. Trust me, I worked for Apple in customer service.


There is no dark side of the moon, really.


@hottubrf: Depends if your pants are up or not.


WHAT?!?! I am so in for one at this price. Thanks OP.


I still remember where the program changes were on the 8-track version...


There is no dark side of the moon...I know this because the local radio station's cut plays that bit louder than on the track. Gotta love the midwest.

BTW, for some of the concerns about Amazon's MP3 downloader...once you get the MP3 you can do whatever you want with it. No DRM. I loaded a bunch of my stuff on a flash drive that I carry around with me, never had an issue. And I'm pretty serious business about DRM and required software so if there was an issue I would have noticed.