dealsprescription eyeglasses with lenses for $1.00 + 4…


Its Dealswoot1 for the deal.


definitely not working. Only taking off $5.95


I'm kind of surprised to see this place still able to advertise here.
It's disappointing.

They sell absolute trash.
For every happy customer, you'll find another who had a very very difficult time with them. Their quality is absolutely worth what you are paying.

This is sub-rite aid reading glasses quality, and not worth the trouble when they get it all wrong.


I just ordered from them a few weeks ago --

The frames were definitely NOT the ones I ordered.
The prescription seems a little fuzzy, and
the nosepieces are dirty, suggesting that these frames were used.

Please don't waste your money.

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The quality of their products is definitely crap. Stick with or coastal where you actually get something worth buying.


Thank you for the warnings. I was about to try a pair of prescription glasses from them.


If you never heard about these guys, check them out:

You can choose 5 frames for free home try-on.

Once you find what you like, the frames + glasses + shipping all for $95.

I tried GlassesShop, GlassesUSA and some others, but all of them were not that great quality and did not fit right.


Got a pair of sunglasses from Goggles4U a month ago for my son. He can't wear the glasses at all. When I look through them, I can tell the prescription isn't like his regular pair. Big waste of money-- except it was only $16 shipped. I've had better luck on my own prescription with Coastal (cheap frames but the lenses were fine) and excellent service from Zenni-- progressive lenses done right and good quality frames. Coastal delivered very fast while Zenni took a month.


Placed an order in October and still don't have the glasses. This was a real order not the first discounted pair, although the first glasses came fast and were nice.


I ordered a pair from here a month ago when it was $9.00 and the glasses i got are fine. I ordere two more pair since but they haven't arrived yet.


I have purchased from Goggles4U Glassesshop and Coastal. Coastal was by far the best quality, quickest shipment, etc. Glassesshop was ok, super glare on lenses though and TERRIBLE customer service. Goggles4U I was happy with the glasses but, they weren't great. Didn't have to deal with Customer service. So really I guess it depends on price and chance of error.


Yeah this seems to be the catch.
The people who are fairly pleased seem to be those who sailed through on their order, but if you actually do a head count of happy customers vs unhappy, you'll see that you have a very very good chance of running into a problem.
Also, I can't tell what is wrong with the prescription, but it just isn't QUITE right. The frames are dreadful, and the nose pads fall off continually. That plus my 4 month wait, and the first set being absolute broken trash...

I guess if I had absolutely no choice it might be good enough, but the trouble I went through combined with the quality means they aren't worth any price. Not even free. You have to remember that this is your eyesight at stake.

Woot. Please do something about advertising this stuff. We need to be able to trust you somewhat. BudK is still on here from what I can tell too. You're damaging your reputation.