dealsemjoi ap-9t automatic tweezer & tweeze ultra…


if these are anything like the Epilady that came out years ago, steer clear of them. I know they say "painless" but if you read further it says "minimal discomfort". Epilady had rotating coils that literally ripped the hair out of your leg. My legs would bleed afterwards. And the pain was excruciating.

Unless they have modified the product to make it less painful, I give you fair warning.


Looks totally different than the Epilady. But also looks like it just pulls the hair out by the root. Nothing painless about that.


My Fiancee bought one of these and she has minimal discomfort with it. Yes it rips your hairs out, how else do you pull them out? Gently?
I guess my Fiancee is not a pansy :)


@zeke7: I can take pain, but the one I used was much more painful than waxing. I would rather wax than use it. You got your fiance one? What, couldn't spring for jewelry? ;)

Think of the pain comparison like this: would you rather put a liquid hair remover on to remove your hair or have someone grab a clump and rip it out? Both remove from the roots.

Like I said maybe they make them less painful now.