dealszippo windproof lighter (street chrome) for $7.08


I know this deal was just posted a couple of days ago.. because I bought one :D

Did they delete your old deal or something?
(Even the other one is still around and I'm just too slow to find it, I doubt it's a dupe considering Amazon's pricing fluctuations)


@drchops: That was me, but it got deleted in that server screwup or whatever it was.


@rprebel: I actually thought it was you, just didn't remember for sure.. well either way, thanks - got one coming my way. Now I just have to hit that Hand-warmer when it drops sub $10 again and I'll be set.


This is even cheaper than buying the kit with fluid and wicks ( - $14.25


@xaqfixx: True... although some of us may have a TON of wicks and lighter fluid laying around :)


@wilcononomous: Yeah, I checked right after I posted that comment.. Went to buy one as a gift - then during check out realized Amazon never applied a credit and got sidetracked - now it'd $13+ :)

@buck2th78: I thought that was a question at first, I was about to answer you haha