dealspatriot psf32gausb axle usb flash drive - 32gb…


Wasn't this 16.99 AMR about 2 months ago?


I love how they marked up the price and and put it on sale. Look at the original claimed price of $75. While the actual price of $20 isn't bad this is just a attempt to take advantage of ignorant customers.

I will skip this deal do to dishonesty.


@zeroelement: Uhhh apparently you're blind?

@lichme: Yeah I was going to add it, but I already posted a deal from Newegg today. So the two deals would be threaded together and one probably wouldn't even get viewed. Didn't mean to crap on nang's deal. Just figured it was the best way to get the deal out to everyone. Pardon me imposing here.

EDIT: And now all our comments are deleted.... guess noone will even see this :-p


@nuclearshadow: I agree.

While Amazon, LLC. is selling it for $20.99... notice how the MSRP is only $44.99!

It's still a deal, but not as much as TigerDirect is claiming.