dealstake $10 off $30, $25 off $70 & $40 off $110 or…


With the 15% off, if you spend $50 you also get a $25 coupon to use on your next $50 purchase which is a pretty good deal.


Doesn't apply to all items. :( I thought this would be a good way to get some Mobil 1 V-Twin oil at a discount, but that does not qualify


I could use some new windshield wipers and I'm sure I can find something else.


Use this promo code and save!*
*Whatever item you choose will be exempt from the promo

30% off an order of $50 is a great deal so I thought I would buy some windshield wipers. The Rain X 22" blades are $17.99 and the Rain X 17" blades are $13.99. After adding a final $30 item I entered the promo code but no discount was applied. I then found out why: "Free windshield wiper installation with purchase! Most vehicles, most locations. See store for details. Sorry, as this product is already a great deal, it is not eligible for any further promotional discounts, coupons or special offers." The two windshield wipers I added to my cart are exempt from the promotion! So, what do I do next? I visit Amazon and what do I find, the same blades are $16.70 and $13.19. Hey Advance Auto Part, not only does Amazon beat your price despite you claiming it to be "a great deal" but they also don't charge me tax and I have free two-day shipping. Honestly, why do I even bother visiting other online stores?


@quicksilver4648: Because this is meant to get you in the stores.Choose pick up in store. If you don't have a store within 20 miles, these codes are not meant for you. I have ordered probably $1500 worth the parts with these codes. I have never had a major issue.


@woodysgate: Did you even read what I wrote? I have an Advance Auto Parts 10-15 minutes from my house and I selected store pick-up. I was commenting on how even though the promo codes initially seem like a great deal after some research the holes start to become apparent. I went to buy some windshield wipers but they were exempt from the promo under the guise that the price was already super low when in reality Amazon beat their price while still offering better perks. Another example? Advance Auto Parts lists Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Brake Pads - Front (Part No. QC956) for $55.99. When the 30% off $50 code is applied the final price comes down to $39.19. But, Amazon lists the exact same break pads for $33.99 AND I wont have to leave my house.

TL;DR: Every item I look up is either exempt from the promotion or even with the discount still costs more than Amazon.


@cokeman: Exactly what I wanted to buy. Walmart seems to have the best price on Mobil1 V-twin, better than I could find online.


Looking at intake manifold for my 1975 Grandville (going to swap in a fresh 455 [472], and convert my 40 year old car to EFI). 30% discount maxes out at $50. But hey, that's $40 less than anyone else is selling it for. They have yet another code on their website that gives you a $25 coupon, but you have to use it online, and by the time you use the coupon and get back up above $75 for free shipping, I figure it's not worth it - just dig up their latest coupon code and do at least as well.

Too bad they don't sell headers (actually Hedders) as well. Coulda saved another $50.


@quicksilver4648: Yeah, they are not always the best price around, even with their so-called specials. I always shop around.

That said, I wonder if anyone else can find a better price on an Edelbrock 50565 intake manifold before I pull the trigger at Advance. Beats Jegs, Summit, and eBay. $274.05 including tax, shipping is free.