dealsteam 64gb usb 2.0 flash drive for $29.74 + free…


Absolutely nothing storage related still using USB2.0 is worth more than $10.


Still a handy little USB drive to attach to a keychain. While I agree that USB 2.0 is on its way out, most devices you encounter still do not use USB 3.0.


@wootificator: USB 2.0, max transfer rate of 480Mbps. That equates to a read or write speed of 60 MB/s at best. That's still not bad. That's 18 minutes to read the whole thing, and how often do you want to read 64GB of files from a thumb drive all at once?

Yes, you can get a very new USB 3.0 thumb drive that hits 250 MB/s. But I can't think of much of a need for it yet.

I lose flash drives too quickly to buy for the future. My current one stays on my keychain with metal holding it in place, but that also makes it inconvenient to use. All my convenient ones are lost.


W/ 64GB of space in a package this small... I think this is a decent price for storage regardless of the USB 2.0


agree with the majority. No reason for this to be USB 3.0, mainly because most PCs still arent USB 3.0... my new build is, and my new external HDD is (thank god, since im transferring 2TB of data reading off sata and writing to USB3.0 and it would take 3x as long if it were reading/writing from/to usb 2.0), but nothing else I own is. 64gigs on 2.0 is fine. this will be used mainly for transferring items, or storing things for safe keeping. unless you are robbing a bank or doing some Mission Impossible stuff, your life is not so important you need to have instant read/write times... Will likely buy this for my dad.


I was ready to buy this, but the promo code has now expired :( Sadness.