dealsdell latitude e6400 laptop with 14.1" led display…


Unreliable reseller. Buyer beware


We use E6500s at work (a slightly larger version, internals are about the same) and they are pretty solid machines. These are great for pretty much anything but gaming or graphics intense programs. Sure, it's a few generations behind, but where else will you get a good laptop for under 300 dollars?


@whymegawd: I've bought a few things from them and I haven't had a problem, but I have heard some bad things. In my personal experience they've been fine though. Just don't expect to get it for a few weeks.


We have hundreds of these in use by our employees. Our employees use them all day and take them home every night.

For the most part they are pretty good laptops. As they are more than three years old now, they are starting to fail at a higher rate, but that is expected.

I imagine these are lease returns, so you never know in what kind of condition yours will be.


@ryanpblyth; I agree, i have purchased a few things from them. Normally not the fastest shipping, but I was surpised once....


I avoid Dailysteals, slow shipping,very poor customer service and sometimes low quality products. Bought about a dozen items and had problems multiple times,not a good average so never again. I wish you better luck if you spend your money with them.


Very slow shipping but eventually gets here, relieable but slow.


I myself have had problems w/ 2 out of 4 transactions with these guys. Once they took over a month just to ship a tablet out and today I received a momo watch that is very damaged/defective, and now I guess we'll see how they respond to my return request.......Probably will end up in a dispute....I would def. Avoid these clowns.....


@sarahjoe: Good luck,I really hope it goes better than it did for me. My last and final transaction with them,Dailysteals cancelled my order because they screwed up(their processing error) but never told me they cancelled and when I contacted them they took a total 10 weeks just to apply a credit and would not answer my emails.


Seller concerns notwithstanding, business-class Dells are a good choice if you don't need graphics. These things are built to last, unlike flimsy residential models.