deals50% off papa johns large pizza for $5.00


CHOOSE50 worked for me. Enter it before choosing your pizza.


CAREFUL WITH THIS! I can't believe I'm the only one to see this. Papa hoses you. I got a 3 item Large carry out (Pep, Sau, Banana Pep) that showed totaled up as $11.00. When I added the coupon code, it DID take 50% off AFTER it Raised the price of the Same $11 pizza to 14.00 I did use it for the 30% off and told the Manager at the store about it. It's not his fault.
Trust Me!(tm) Papa is going to get one hell of a lot more grief on the phone from me tomorrow than $1.50
Damn Thieves.


@connieldr: should of read the fine print.... have fun making yourself out to be a fool tomorrow