dealsclif crunch bars 5 two-bar pouches for $3.99…


I've never been fond of the taste/consistency of Clif bars, and yet I'm tempted to purchase these! Nice find.


Can anyone compare these with normal Clif bars? I regularly replace meals with normal Clif bars, and I would be tempted by these at 40 cents apiece, if the quality is comparable.


@takenforgranite: not close. These are yummy, but its just like any other granola bar. I think they're a bit small actually, though still tasty.


I eat these in chocolate chip flavor all the time. They're really different than a standard Clif bar. They're not nearly as dense and I don't feel like they keep you as full. I use them as a snack and prefer the taste of these to standard Clif bars. I would also guess that these aren't as nutritious, since you're missing a lot of the nuts and dried fruit that many varieties of Clif have. These are comparable in composition to your standard Nature Valley crispy granola bars except I think these have more flavor and are better quality. A good buy at $4.00, in my opinion.


Whoa, at these prices i can't say no!
well i better prefer them to sell these at these price than standard 1.50$ Over price if you ask me.

I do road cycling alot these are great to carry as snack, and hiking same great carrying in the pack as snack. or when in class great to carry around over all. If you ask me this is a great steal. but be careful of the flavor you choose.


These are pretty good but i pay 2.95 canadian per box locally
I agree with other's comments about how they compare to nature valley etc
Also they are not very satisfying i usually eat 2 or 3 packs at a time and there are 2 bars per pack


Still cheaper at my local grocery store. Same thing is 2.99.


If you have a membership Sam's Club always has them for around $14 for 60. So $0.22/bar. Almost half the price of these.


If you have more than 4 Subscribe & Save items, you can get a 15% discount on this, bringing the price down to $3.39 (0.34/bar) with free ship. S&S isn't as good as it used to be, because they now make you wait to the beginning of the next month to get your stuff, but if you don't need it fast and you need it regularly, it's a more decent deal.


They're always this price at REI


These are not the same size as the normal, non-crunch bars. I haven't had the crunch variety, but normal bars are 2.4oz, these are 1.5oz.

Normal bars (which are delicious) retail for about $1.29-$1.50 (where I live), and are usually $1 on sale frequently, if not cheaper if you buy in bulk (again, prices where I live).

That being said, the $3.99 price seem's to be amazon's retail price, as this is an add-on item. Far better add-on item to prevent you from paying shipping fee's then traditional items i guess