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Duracell 20-packs, both AA and AAA, are cheaper after clipping the 75¢ coupon code.


IMO its a good deal to get the Duracell without the subscribe (I dont want to sign up to auto buy batteries for only 5% off) esp since the Duracell 20 ct AA with coupon cost which works out to about 50 cents per battery IMO a good deal with no commitment and I would also probably like to get the Duracell over Amazon Basics.

So thanks for pointing out the Duracell deal nexter!

My two cents


I love cheap batteries, but they need to last - Energizer MAX 36 packs are usually $13.96 or so at my local Home Depot, but last time I went there they were marked with a 'new low price' of $12.98 (or 12.89, something less than $13). At 36 cents for a proven battery (AA) those are hard to pass up. I haven't tried this posted deal, but was happy with the WalMart Rayovac packs that were previously posted.


@lebeatnik: Actually, it's 15% off with Subscribe and Save, and you can cancel any time, even after only one shipment!