dealsworld market: 30% off build-your-own 6-packs of…


mighty nice link there, hammy! :)


@kamikazeken: You know you love it. I posted this yesterday, and it apparently got nuked for lack of detail. So...


@okham: Might I suggest a TinyURL? When I plugged in your link above it resulted in this more manageable shortened link:

BTW I'm glad to see that you reposted the deal.


@gionot: Thanks! I usually use the deals.woot shorthand for posting, but World market links sometimes don't work from deals. Ergo, post the whole link so folks can copy and paste. But TinyURL seems a more condensed option ;)


Beware of old beer at World Market. Most of their stock is out of date, and due to many laws, breweries are forced to sell to them, even though they would rather not (out of date/old beer on shelves= bad taste, and poor reflection of the brewery regardless of who's fault the expired beer is) World Market is known as 'the place where beer goes to die' from those in the business (myself included)...all I'm saying is check the dates on the bottles.


30% off $11.94 is $8.36. Pretty much the same price as the build your own 6-pack at most other liquor stores (at least in my area).


@okham: The other advantage of TinyURL (and other sites like it) is in getting around character limits on posts. Several times I've switched out a link rather than having to chop my comment.


personally I never click tinyurl links as you never know what the link will lead to.


@kamikazeken: try this:

Let's you look at where the site takes you.