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• The Wii U Black Deluxe Console Set can be reserved, Oct. 14 through Nov.1 using the Holiday Layaway system.
• IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to limited quantities the period to reserve your copy could end sooner
o Sales block will be placed on item number once allocated quantity has been met.
• Utilize the Holiday Layaway process to execute the reservation of the Wii U console.
• Layaway service fee of $5 and 10% down applies to reserve the console.

• Obtain a folder for the Wii U Black Deluxe console reservation process to hold the layaway package labels for all
pre-sold reservations and secure the folder in the layaway area.
• Create a layaway bin label and apply it to the folder.

1. Scan barcode of the Black Deluxe Console.(While supplies last)
2. Register will prompt Product Care Plan, Optional. Without a serial number scan the upc two times.
Wii U Deluxe Console
Item 550924127
UPC 45496880866


@cpsyduck: You are the man. I read this post and ran out to my local Wal-Mart that's 15 minutes away. I walked in ready to give them an education lesson, but the associate knew exactly what I was talking about. In and out in five minutes and I was able to finally land a Deluxe Wii U on its release date.

Thank you again!


I wonder how long it will take for production to match demand at this price point. I remember when the original Wii came out, it was nearly impossible to buy in stores for over a year.

I don't have time for a game system right now, though I can't help but wonder if I could make some money buying one of these and selling it on eBay after Black Friday... Original Wii consoles in their first Christmas season were getting 2-3x their MSRP.


In for two. Went into a nearby store last night (10/15/12) half expecting them to be sold out as well, but the sales associate had the flyer taped next to the register and said I was only 1 of a dozen who had come in to do the layaway preorder. Put down my 10% and was on my way in 10 minutes. Plan to ebay 1 console 10 days before launch and hopefully it'll end up paying for the console I'll keep. Gotta love that consumer demand (especially around the holidays when it's the only next-gen gaming system being released!).


@snatch4982: It will be interesting to see what the demand is for this console. I really hope it does well but I'm not going to bet any of my own money on that to happen. I'm not sure that many people are inclined to dish out $350 for a game console this season.

That said, I don't care for Sony or Microsoft, so I really hope Nintendo hits a home run with the Wii U and is able to stay in the business.