dealsfallout: new vegas (pc) for $3.99 + free shipping


I'm in for one.

Already own the 360 version, but I'd like to take it with me on my laptop.


Ridiculously cheap price for a great game. You can't get many more hours of fun per dollar than a deal like this.


"I'm sure they have the bugs worked out by now."

Surely you jest...


Seriously, buy it. If you like PC games, buy it. (Even if you don't like PC games, you should still buy a copy. Really. It's that good.)


An excellent game and an excellent deal. I would consider watching for a copy of the Ultimate Edition, however, which includes all of the DLC. If you buy this, you'll most likely end up falling in love with it and will just end up buying the DLC for it anyways...


@inverseninja: He does jest, and don't call him Shirley.


I know there's a few Linux gurus that hang out around these parts. Do any of you know if there's a way to reliably run Windows games on a Linux machine?


It's a good deal, it didn't go that low during the recent Steam Autumn Sale. It has also been on my wishlist for over a year now. In for one. :)


I'd love to snag this up, just curious as to how the DLC content fares. Price/rating, the kind of thing. Thanks guys


@matt1976: It crashes enough under Windows... I can't imagine it running any better on Wine. Better to dual boot as prozakgal says. That being said, it /is/ an amazing game.

link to F:NV on WineHQ:


Better to buy the 'Ultimate Edition' during the Steam summer/winter sales. usualy goes down to about $10-$13, and then you get New Vegas and all the DLC's that go with it.


Notice: This key does activate on Steam. It does not have any of the DLC, but you can purchase it during a steam sale for fairly cheap


if you buy it today, $4 for the game and $23 for the DLC, so thats $27 and the Ultimate edition right now is $ you save 3 bucks as of today.


@detroitphan: my ratings for the DLC:

Dead Money: 7/10
Old World Blues: 9/10
Lonesome Road: 4/10
Honest Hearts: 7/10


I bought fallout 3 when it was cheap, and the 28 minutes I have logged as playing that game was tweaking game settings so that it wouldn't freeze 2 minutes into the game. Clearly I never fixed the problem.
Just wanted to warn you guys, Fallout 3 was very buggy, I wouldn't be surprised if this has similar problems


@kypi: Fallout 3 (F3) and Fallout: New Vegas (FNV) aren't the same game.

Yes, F3 is buggy, /especially/ on a computer without enough RAM, running on anything but XP, etc. It does take tweaking to get running well on a modern OS and hardware. You could also try using a 3rd party mod, like The Wanderer's Edition:

FNV crashes as well, but far less frequently than F3 does, from a tweaking perspective. If you look at Bethesda's forums and the Steam forums, there is actually a pretty good amount of things you can tweak around on these games to try to help out with the crashing. There is also a large mod for this called Project Nevada you could look at as well:


in for one. at this price, its cool even if it's buggy, and i hear that with the updates it's not too bad.