dealsbattlefield 4 with expansion $60 minus $10 credit…


I think I'm just gonna pay full price instead


Is it still hosted via Origin? Oh, it is? No thanks.


If you preorder an EA game you get what's coming to ya :P


pre-order an EA game is just bad idea. With BF3, price drop so much within a month. Shortcut pack, make me think why leveling up? Then premium came out so your "limited edition" is like useless if you order that. They just keep pumping DLC to make money instead of fixing the web launch problem of not able to launch or connect most of the time.

Also Sim City came out like a mess...

I would wait for it...


@billwaa: You would think as clear as everybody makes the "We hate EA" sentiment they'd make some changes.. but no, not EA. They stick to their convictions!

I dunno about the PC side, but on the consoles it was a little while before we saw Shortcut (cheater) packs. I can't really picture too many people paying for those.. I wouldn't take 'em if they were free. Leveling up is half the fun.
Although with CoD's popularity they've been gearing their game more towards kids, so I'm guessing people under the age of 12 were the primary demographic for those.