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Weaver be lookin' fine in this flick, I tell you what.


Absolutely fantastic play on Star Trek. This was well done, funny and creative. Loved how they made a point to illustrate stupid ideas that made it into shows for no reason like the chompers in the bowels of the ship.


I'm not a big Tim Allen fan but he really knocked this one out of the park. Great cast, very funny, definitely rewatchable. Adult and kid friendly.


@stazja01: You're not a fan of Tim Allen? Did you like Home Improvement? I agree about this movie, it's fantastic.


By Grabthar's Hammer, what a saving.


I have never laughed so hard in my life as when I found the ENTIRE film dubbed in the alien's"language".First because it sounds funny,and then at the thought of someone going through the whole movie syncing that sound to the actor's lines.Simply awesome.
(It's in the audio options where the alternate languages are usually found).


@bestbuysucks: I wish I could upvote this more than once. LOL


@kev50027: I watched Home Improvement as a kid and enjoyed it as much as someone with six channels to choose from would have to. I would probably never watch it again as an adult. I mostly don't care for the slew of cheesy low quality children's movies he's made in the last couple decades. This one stood out as a solid film that he was very good in.


@stazja01: Yep, that actor was appalling to me until I saw galaxy quest; it proved he was an actor and not some guy that gets under your skin and drains the humor out of you like a parasite.


Great price on a great film! After looking around, it looks like the Blu Ray is only 6.29 on the same site (and looks like there is free shipping on it, too).


@stazja01: I agree about the children's movies, although I liked The Santa Clause as a kid. I'm surprised you're not a fan of Home Improvement though. To each his own I suppose!

FYI: I was going to buy this on Blu-Ray, but realized it's available to stream for free from Amazon, if you have Prime. Regardless, I'm glad this movie was on here, because now I get to make my girlfriend watch it :-)

Wish me luck!