dealsthe outdoorsman s knife with olive wood handle…


Same company as,,, and half a dozen others. Basically, expect overly slow shipping, and quality found only in fine places such as Dollar Tree.


I've bought three knives from this company over the last several months, two daggers and a tanto. Only the first dagger shipment was slow. The second dagger (ordered as a gift) went out in a matter of a few days and was received inside a week. The tanto was shipped literally the first business day after I ordered and received in less than five days total.

The quality of the knives I purchased previously is very good with really nice pattern welded (Damascus steel) blades and excellent workmanship on the handles and riveting. Sheaths are thick leather with heavy stitching.

I can't speak to the particular knife (S knife with wood handle) that is offered on sale here tonight because I haven't actually seen it or handled it. But if it is in line with the quality of the previous purchases (and I have zero reason to think it wouldn't be), I'd say this is a very good price for a very fine knife.


@mypooka: Replying to myself to post links to two pics I took just now of one of the mini daggers (second was given as a gift) and mini tanto purchased previously.

If the sheaths look a little beat up, it's because they are. I actually carry and use these knives in the woods.


Not a heavy knife aficionado, but I have had some experiences with them, and in various (fairly common) steel types. My guess is for the price, this is going to be made overseas (India, Pakistan, or China are my top three guesses), and, while looking neat, wouldn't qualify as real Damascus (as that method is supposedly lost, and what's left is forge welded), or at least what's called that now, is more expertly folded (also much more costly from custom knife makers). To me, the knife looks either like a poorly hammered version, or just a basic acid etch to otherwise sell it for more than its worth. I wish I knew the steel type, Rockwell rating, or more information on it. Anyone who's had a knife break on them can attest to how much a problem it can be, and how people can abuse ("batoning") knives, to bring out their failures. Besides, several US knives can be had for a similar price (not as fancy looking). Buck, Becker, Spyderco come to mind. Forget Cold Steel.


@unexplodedcow: If you want to know the steel types and Rockwell hardness, you should follow the link and read the specs. 1095 & 15N20 high & low carbon steels, both of which are well known, well understood and highly regarded alloys among knife makers. Rockwell hardness is spec'd at 58 t0 60 HRC. And yes, these knives are "real" Damascus steel in the modern sense of the word. (If you want to say that no steel made since the "recipe" for ancient Damascus was lost, by that definition there's no such thing as a modern Damascus steel knife anywhere at any price in the world.)

The knives I purchased previously are anything but "poorly hammered." (I'm not even sure why you'd make such a comment without actually examining one of the blades.) Thick, well made "working blades" that aren't limited to sitting on a shelf and looking pretty is what my purchases have been.


I have one of these daggers. It is well made and looks nice. I get a lot of comments about it, any time I use it. It is my understanding that the dagger is 6" so that it can legally be concealed. However, this knife is much larger than the dagger. Looks to be 10". I was happy with the dagger and am going to pick one of these up too.


@mypooka: If you define troll as calling out a company known for making a new domain name constantly, known for horrible quality, complete jokes of descriptions, and overall fine examples of how internet marketing has gotten worse and more deceptive? Sure.

Of if you mean a troll because I call out comments like yours where all facts are against certain things you have said, but you keep repeating them? Sure.

Or if you mean "please place a dollar bill or something for scale." So that your pictures have more information in them? I guess...

Otherwise, no. I am not a troll, but you know if I followed the owner of all these companies' tactics by saying everyone who disagrees with him is the competition...then I would say you must be the owner of this company or an employee who is trying to pump sales. Are you affiliated with his company, pooka? Because I have dealt with several of his other companies, and I know this guy. I would refer someone to Budk before this guy.


Stuff is getting real up in here.


Mypooka and Artimid this has turned into a real knife fight .....return to a neutral corner both of you and be nice!


Some time ago I was shopping for a practical long knife for outdoor purposes and I was about to buy a layered steel (Damascus) blade but the honest dealer advised against it and suggested a solid steel blade in 1060 or 9260 steel because the Chinese Damascus that they were selling for around $150 and up was easily broken. PS the knives were longer than the 4inch blade sold here so you might be able to get away with using it but you are still gambling that the blade will shatter.


I would return the dagger if I could. (Can I?)

I thought the budk stuff was crap...


@artimid: is not his, but the several different sites that have appeared here selling these CCC knives and low-quality straight razor packages are all registered to Jake (Jacob) Webster. Woot is his sole (purt near, anyway) source of customers. This is juuuuuuuuuuuuuunk, made in China.


@guytech: Oh, bs. The dagger is 6"TOTAL. These knives are tiny. And legally concealable depends on where you live, so you should refrain from making blanket statements on legality (unless you just meant legal where you live). You own one of the daggers, yet it is your "understanding" that is is 6"? OK...

According to the description, this knife has a 4" blade and is 10" overall. Does that handle look 2" longer than the blade? No. No, it doesn't. Not even close.

Again, CCC. They look like LARP props.


@comma: Ah, then my apologies to the owner of, these things pop up so often under different sites, all owned by the same guy. Don't want to defame an actual vendor. Sort of like the name he stole from (with an s) that is a well respected company.

I can't correct my comment on that, but the rest of it I hold with.


@comma: Not made in China. Google search for CFK Cutlery and I think you'll find the source.


@comma: The dimensions listed for this knife are a little off. Blade is approx 4.25" and overall length is approx. 8.5", not ten. See pics below.

S-knife dimensions, no flash

S-knife dimensions, flash used

Question for ya. What the heck is a "CCC" knife? If whatever a "CCC" knife is is of low quality and/or junk, the knives offered here ain't them. Mine came in yesterday (that's it in the pics) and I assure you it is razor sharp, well balanced, well made and of very good quality. It's not a show piece, but it doesn't have a show piece price. I know my knives, and this is a very nice blade.