dealslittlebigplanet 2 special edition for $24.95…


This is a new game (not used)


I was worried about buying from this seller, but I got my game in 4 days. Very impressed. It was not a chinese knock-off and it was brand new. Great deal!


These Little Big Planet games are cute. This is actually one of the very few games that I enjoy playing with my son. And this is a great price for it.


LBP games are amazing. They are super fun for adults, but easy enough for a child. Played endless hours with my 6 year old friend. Seriously, if you own a PS3 and don't have this game.....BUY IT!


Never ordered from this place before, but I'm finding several negative reviews ranging from knockoff products to scratched discs and people just not receiving products at all. If anyone has any experiences to the contrary I'd love to hear them.


nice post,i love this cute game so much!


I got the PS3 holiday bundle that includes this game and I still haven't opened it. (Skyrim has been owning my life) But I'm tempted to just to play this game now.


@gideonfrost: Wouldn't you rather sell it to a friendly Wooter?!? I'll pay $20... haha, but if you want send me a PM and tag me, over on this side of deals.woot, to let me know I have a message. If you don't want the Rachet either we can probably work something out...


Just got my order from them today. Game disc came sealed new, special edition as described, and came quicker than I was expecting. Also ordered the PS3 controller keyboard from them at the same price and that also arrived in new condition, sealed in the original packaging. Can't say I had any problems with the process other than using Google Checkout didn't allow me to track the package as it was being delivered but from first impressions, I would probably use them again.


based on what feels like less than genuine posts, i would happily pay more to actually get the game. $32.98 on Amazon, and that's w/o hunting for any sort of deal. i would rather hang out and wait for something better, than order from a place i won't get anything from. just saying ;)


@rebirf @smtatertot13: See my comment, 2nd from the top: the game was new, not a knock off, arrived in 4 days. I will definitely be using this vendor again.


Not sure about the vendor (never used them yet) but LBP 2 is an amazing game! It's head over heels better that the first game plus the Move support is done flawlessly and actually improves the game. I got this game and Skyrim for Christmas and for awhile they were both cutting into my game time equally so it's very addicting. Plus there's literally millions of online games. Great game and one of my favorite PS3 exclusives.


@dreamyvelvet: I also got the game the last time it was posted.

New as described and arrived quickly.

I've been enjoying two-player mode with my daughter.