dealscraftsman 250 pc. mechanics tools set w/ 3 drawer…


I still have the set from when I was a kid.


Saving 15% should net this down to $130.04, however we are far too close to Black Friday when better deals can be had on tool sets. Just one person's opinion, full credit to Mizninja for a nice deal.


@casey00001: It's save $15.00. :)
15% would have been a better deal though.


Even less expensive now, though, not sure about the coupon code. It sits at 149.88. ".88" means its on clearance I think.

**nevermind - the coupon code "save15" still works:
One item in cart must have minimum $15 value to receive full discount. Excludes Everyday Great Price, Hot Buy and Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP) items. Also excludes Garage Door Openers, Portable Power Tools, Bench Power Tools, excludes item numbers 00910269000P,00959093000P, and 00959035000P. Internationally Shipped Orders are excluded. Limited to 1 coupon per order. Coupon may only be used once and cannot be combined with any other coupons. No Sears store price matching is permitted on this offer. Offer good through 01/31/2015


My only issue with this is the 12 point sockets. Sockets have no business being 12 point. You can't drive a tri-square with them, and they strip out rusted nuts/bolts. If this was a 6 point set I'd be on it in a heartbeat.