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Most comments from other sites say this is a scam(not green coffee).


@davemeigs5: i think most weight-loss supplements are scams. Maybe this one is, too, or maybe not (I wouldn't trust it, though). Downvoting because I don't think it's a deal (Amazon has the 60 capsules bottle for $6.35 with Super Saver shipping. Not worth it if you're not buying $25 worth of SSS-eligible items). You can also get the 120 capsule bottle from Amazon for $5.84 + $4.99 shipping (same quantity as this sponsored "deal").


@cornellbigred: Not that I trust the FDA.....It's not what is good for us, it's all about $$$$$


I prefer my coffee in a mug, black with a touch of cream.

Green coffee extract? Blech.


I bought these from another site, Dailysteals, a few weeks ago. I'm 99% sure it is NOT green coffee extract. The powder inside is white and tastes sweet with a hint of fruit. Pure green coffee shouldn't be either of those.
I emailed dailysteals who said I would have to deal with the mfr. I got zero response from the mfr.
What really floored me is other people have gotten various types of powder in theirs so who knows what is in these.


@colbytitus: Well, cocaine, most likely.

On an unrelated note, I totally thought this was like, coffee in a pill at first. Got quite sad when I saw it was a weight loss product. I need to bounce off walls, not lose weight, dammit.


Green coffee extract was on Dr OZ and should work. Not sure if this one works cause the price is to low


"i take my coffee like i take my dumps. a dark brown liquid 5-7 times a day." -drew


Good news everyone, it's a suppository.


@aphroat: Exactly, although from time to time I will drink it black if it's something really tasty such as Costa Rican La Minita or a 100% Kona.


I like my women like i like my coffee...... dried, pressed into a pill and able to be swallowed......


As an aside, when in the world did Dr. Oz become the arbiter for good medicine? He hawks so much crap on that show. He's an embarassment to his profession.


@brasil221: Why not do both? Bouncing off the walls is a sure fire way to lose weight effectively and safely, as long as you wear protective head gear.


@matasar: he doesn't sell anything. If you watched the show you would know that. Also this web site is selling crap. any real green coffee extract must say it contains GCA® (green coffee antioxidant) and