dealsvizio 26" led hdtv (refurbished) for $199.99


@mkentosh: One thing to note is this TV is 1080p resolution as opposed to the one in the link that is 720. I am not a videophile and my TV is 720 so I can't tell you if 1080 in this size makes a big difference.


It would make a difference if anyone plans on using one for a computer monitor.


Got one of these in the last Woot! Off and using it as a computer monitor and TV now. Shipping was quick, setup was easy, and quality is quite good. Only had for 1 week so can't speak to longevity.


+6 inches, free shipping, but 720p (I don't think 1080p is worth extra $$ for the smaller TVs)
maybe not as well refurbished as these fine woot products thought


I got one from CostCo that I use as a monitor, so for me the 1080p is worth it.


Just to clarify, this is NOT an LED TV. It is an LCD TV with LED backlight.

This is an important difference.