dealspatriot 32gb micro sdhc flash card w/sd adapter…


Class 4.

Under 50 cents a gig? Can't go wrong!


It worked fine for me. I can always use another 32gb.

dgk dgk

Before reporting it dead, like someone did on the class 6 for this price yesterday, there is a coupon code. The other one got buried and people missed out because someone couldn't read.


Will this work with my Fuji Finepix T210 digital camera?


After comparing two sets of same-brand class 10 versus class 4 microSD cards in my phones, I'll never go back to class 4...the speed with which things launch and the amount of lag is so different. Class 10 all the way.


@craigf: Yeah, good thing I didn't buy it. I've been watching a G.skill 32gb micro that's class 10, and I got all excited when I saw this one for half the price. Good thing I noticed.