dealsslim away - sweat those love handle's off for $5…


If I wear two, can I lose 60 lbs.?

LOL! I saw the same infomercial. Some of the bare bellies of the "before" shots were unbelievable. Key word UNBELIEVABLE! My problem with all of these "lose weight/inches fast and easy with no diet or exercise" deals is that, if these things REALLY worked, why would they only be available on an infomercial (or online deal)?

Good find! Worth a laugh, anyway. I'm ordering one for a gag gift. Really. Just for a gag gift. I swear!


This reminds me of all the other spandex hide your tummy products. What is different?


@nycynik: I think this one is SUPPOSED to actually "melt away the inches" so that you're thinner even when you're NOT wearing it. Imagine that! Must be a miracle.


This is only a slimmer a.k.a. makes you look thinner under your clothes. But if you wear it while exercising it can help promote water weight loss. I actually have one very similar that I use for back support while exercising, and I must say it certainly does make you sweat more around the mid-section so I can totally believe the water weight loss part. But other than that I don't think it really helps with weight loss much.