dealsplanet of the apes 40th anniversary collection…


Aaargh!! I just bought this last week from Newegg, because it was cheaper than Amazon...I'm still waiting on delivery, too.

But anyway, these movies are great and OP isn't kidding about those features.


Just got these from Newegg as well...2 things...the packaging is's really hard to get the discs in and out and if you get it shipped it will more than likely be packaged terribly and the cardboard will be all dented and beat up....secondly, the Sony BDP-S270 (former slickdeal and deals.woot post) cannot play it currently...I'm going through the customer support chain of Sony, but I think I'm a long way from getting the problem in front of the people who can actually do anything, the firmware developers. The discs are very java heavy (BD-J disc) and it cant interpret something because it always locks up at the Java splash screen (ANSA symbol from the movie and the words loading). I tried it on two different S270's and let them sit for 30 minutes just hoping it was taking a while to load, but they simply won't play. I was able to play them on my PC and extract the movie only using BD Rebuilder and the movies themselves are fantastic and the quality is amazing.


I got this same set from Amazon a while back and have not watched the first one all the way yet. But I don't like the box. It is very wide, included with some coffee table type book and about 14" wide tray to hold the discs. Does not store well at all.


geez, 40 years, that makes marky mark about 65 years old


Just ordered for $42.49 off of Amazon, been putting off ordering this to replace the stolen DVD copies I had and seeing this deal I couldn't pass it up.