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Good deal, Wiz of Oz was lost when we switch DVRs and wife wasn't happy. Now she is happy again so I iz happy again.


Never realized that you can not download Amazon video after you purchase it:

You will not be able to playback this HD movie via the website, or download it to your Amazon Unbox Video Player.

HD movie playback is currently limited to Kindle Fire HD, Xbox 360, PS3, Roku, TiVO or other Amazon Instant Video HD compatible devices.

On devices that do not support HD movie playback you will be able to playback this movie in Standard Definition.


@coondogg97: That is a restriction that is put in place by the overly paranoid content providers. They are somehow convinced that if you are able to watch a movie in HD on your computer screen that you will be able to pirate it immediately and then send it to every person on the planet, thus ruining their revenue, bankrupting them, and opening the way for Kim Yung Un to take over the world.

This is, of course, pure crap. If you get the movie via Amazon you are paying for it. You aren't going to pirate. They don't pay, at all: they get the HD file via BT and don't worry about any restrictions.


Buyer beware. Go ahead and do a google search on Amazon Unbox. There are several reviews (CNET, Boing-Boing, others) that are pretty old, but that would definitely keep me from using the Amazon video services. Amazon's MP3's can be a great deal, but these videos are really more like rentals. According to Amazon's terms and conditions, you don't own the digital files; you are only buying a license to view them.


@kailuakowboy: While I guess, in theory, that means that if Amazon decides to no longer offer streaming videos then yeah maybe in 20 years you won't be able to view it, but until then you have access to it whenever. Rentals are limited to as low as 24 hours, so that's a poor comparison. For $5, if you want streaming videos, its pretty tough to beat.

If you want your own copy, buy a Blu-Ray...


@kirkhilles: Even with Blu-Ray, once the electronics giants stop producing the players for the next "breakthrough" the media publishers will eventually stop releasing titles on Blu-Ray. At that point, it's simply a matter of how long your existing Blu-Ray player lasts or how tenacious you are in buying used/refurbished replacements.

Ultimately, the path of least resistance will be to abandon your Blu-Ray collection and repurchase your media in the next format.


I'd be willing to bet that Blu-ray is the last physical media format. I think it will all go to streaming video next. And all the digital copy stuff is complete garbage. I've got so many coasters that came with my BD/DVD sets that the codes are expired, it's not even funny.


As much as I LOVE Amazon, I can't recommend the Instant Video service (for PS3 anyway). We've rented several movies that end up playing a decent picture, but will NOT play HD audio. Really sucks to not be able to utilize my fine home theatre.


I use the Amazon streaming service, both Amazon Prime free videos and for purchased content on my Roku. I highly recommend I have had nothing but great experiences with it. There are also a lot of promotions for movie credits offered by Amazon. Buy a Roku. It's great I totally ditched cable altogether.


Oddly I am currently downloading one of the films in that collection to my laptop as I write this. I too saw the caveat that they were not downloadable, however I think that pertained to the HD copy. The SD copy is cheerfully chugging along in it's downloading endeavor.

Just tried playing it, yep it works just fine. Not a bad deal for a couple of films that I do not want to pay the blu ray price for, but can get them for my Roku and other Amazon streaming devices.

Yes, Amazon could yank it at any time, they did that to a book at one time, yanked it right off of folks Kindles. But, if they do that to often, well....their good will and credibility would be toast I am thinking.


How do you get the deal? When I click the link none of the prices are below 9.99


@kev86mcc: It was good for yesterday only, sorry!


@kirkhilles: dang just missed it. Thanks for the response