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Amazon has two reviews on this one--One four-star and one one-star. The one-star reviewer clearly got a defective unit, which certainly can happen with any manufacturer. Still...


@sstaylor: It's from Best Buy, though. I'd expect them to handle any early defects with no issues, and Philips is pretty good with warranty issues in my experience. I'd say go for it!


How do you get "free shipping"?????????????????????


There aren't many reviews online (searched on google, amazon, cnet, etc.) and the ones there are seem to be strongly effected by the limited connectivity options for this player, i.e., it's only set up for Netflix and Vudu, and most people seem to want more.

Plus (and this is probably just a groundless prejudice on my part, but here it is anyway): it's Best Buys, people.

I'll pass.