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Ok, I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but I'm going to say it anyways. Last time I went to gamestop while they were running this deal, they offered me $5 for an at the time popular guitar hero game. I reminded them about the 50% more deal, at which point they gave me $7.50. While I was still standing there, they put a $39.99 price tag on it. Haaaaaate.

Then again, sometimes its just easier to drop your junk there.


@meh3884: They gave me $15 for Army of 2: 40th Day (which was a steamy POS). Do you think it varies based on the location, or are they locked in on trade-in values?


To also add to this, Gamestop also has a deal right now if you trade in an ipod/ios device you get an extra 20% in value. Combine this with some of the Cowboom daily deals recently and you've got a scheme brewing. For example, yesterday's deal on Cowboom was a 2nd gen iPod touch 8GB for $60, with Gamestop's current deal that ipod is worth $102 in trade in value. I went in for one yesterday, we'll see if it plays out...


@patmorita: this is only for used games it says. I'd doubt theyd let you stack them.


@gamemasterjd: Yeah, the 20% is separate from the other deals, Gamestop just has a pretty good trade in program for certain ios devices, the ipod touches in general are almost worth as much in trade as they are on craigslist to sell, the iphone values suck though. Look at this chart, add an extra 20% and you'll see it's actually not too bad, about the best trade in value for ipod touch I've found on the internet.


I am sure most deal.wooters know this but has a good tool for finding the trade-in value of games at Gamestop. It relies on submissions by users but it helped me last year to trade in a bunch of games and my Wii during a similar promotion and get myself a second PS3.


I can totally relate to the first comment. Gamestop's trade-in values are a joke! This deal means that for most of the games that you're tired of and would want to trade in will get you $1.50 instead of $1. Yay.


@meh3884: Gamestop makes BANK on re-selling used game. In your example, they make almost 700% profit if not for the 50% deal. NONE of that goes to back to the game company.
Also, I'm confused as to why people even still go there. The new games are never discounted and used games are absurdly expensive compared to online stores. The only thing I can think of is that some new games may have preorder bonuses.
Sure it may be easier to trade in there instead of spending the time to sell on ebay or craigslist or amazon, but it is still such a ripoff.

(NSFW due to swearing)
I feel this says it all.


Just say no. Don't feed the machine. Sell your things back to Amazon, put them on eBay, list them on Craigslist. You will always get more money if you put out a little more effort. 50% more of crap is still crap. I bought a Super Nintendo off of eBay last week for $30. Maybe not the best example since GS doesn't take hardware that old, but if they did he wouldn't have made nearly that much in a trade.


You can also trade them at I've been a member over there for a couple of years, and it's been great. You get points for trading your games out to someone else and you can use those points as currency to get other people's games. The main difference between them and gamestop is that if I spend 1000 points (roughly $50) for a copy of MW3, when I go to trade it to someone else a month later, I'm probably going to get 1000 points back on it. The buyer pays a $2 fee and the seller pays the shipping, and the points are determined based on supply and demand. It isn't perfect, and sometimes you have to wait a really long time to get matched up, but it really beats many of the alternatives.


@senorfrog21: I've never even heard of goozex before. Checked it out, it looks pretty cool actually. I've hated selling games back to gamestop so long that I just end up having a collection of games. I may have to look at getting rid of some of mine this way. Thanks!

BTW, the last time I sold something back to gamestop, it was when I bought my xbox 360. I sold my PS2 and probably 50 or so titles. Had just enough to pick up my xbox and Halo 3. Those were the days....


Gamestop has its' uses. When you want to sell your games, you...

1) Check ebay for what things are selling. Write down prices of what things will sell for. If it's selling for more than $5, just list it there and don't waste your time. Gamestop will give you less, guaranteed.
2) Go to Gamestop, ask them for what you'll get for the same games. If it either wouldn't sell on ebay or you get more from GS, sell it to them. Otherwise, take it back home.

So in other words, they're ever-so-slightly better than the town dump for selling your games. The downside is, of course, you're now stuck with store credit there. The upside is they do have good sales sometimes (most notably Black Friday) and when that happens, you dump your store credit for good stuffs (and if you're really good, flip what you bought onto ebay for a profit!)


@sybrwookie: Yea, the in store credit is the real kicker. Their games are pretty much never the best price even during Black Friday.


Did this deal just yesterday. Pretty much got smash bros brwal for free, just $3 in tax. Too bad I a bad copy so I returned it, AND GET THIS they offered the full cash vaule back! I rejected and got another copy of Brawl instead, I really wanted that game for a while lol.


@sybrwookie: You can get cash instead of in store credit but you will get less and this 50% extra won't count.


@meh3884: I literally had the exact same experience. In my experience they offer poor service and will say anything to get the sale; even for a game they know is garbage. When I did shop there (call it foolish youth)I saw more than one misinformed parent or would-be gamer deceived this way. Opening and handling your games before you buy them just adds insult to injury. Maybe its trivial; but if I pay $60 for a new game I want to open the d@mn thing. I avoid gamestop like the plaque.