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Wait a few months, until the iPad 3 comes out, and you'll be able to buy a used iPad 2 for $50 extra. iPass.


What firmware does it run? :O


@unif2: then wait 6 months after that for the iPad4 (or iPad3g(s))


I highly doubt Apple will release a fourth iteration only 6 months after their next iteration. It will be a year.

Have patience. Just wait a few months and you'll be able to have the iPad 2 for not much higher than the price this website is offering the original iPad. But if you're an American who likes throwing your money or credit cards at shiny gadgets, be my guest.


This does not seem cheap to me. I thought a new a Ipad cost $399? So a hundred off for a older version, that is factory refurbished.

I don't know apple so maybe this is a good deal.


A new iPad costs $499. In a few months, the next iPad will be released and the price of the iPad 2 will drop. Just wait for heaven's sake! Unless you want to waste money, in true American fashion.


The ipad2 isn't that much better than the ipad1 to have to wait months just to save $50. I'd rather have it in my lap now. $299 for ipad 16gb is the best price I've found and even cheaper than what people are paying for a used one on ebay. I put in an order for the 64gb one for $399.


Meh. Gonna wait until the Asus Transformer comes down in price. Not a fan of the death grip apple has on app development.


@kerowyn: Let me guess... you are not a developer, but have 'read a lot of tech blogs'.

Am I close?


@enantiodromia Heh. I confess to that. You must be psychic. I do own an ipod touch though, and it's I base my sentiment off how annoying it is to pay for apps I can get free on Android.


I've seen way too many complaints about customer service to give this company my money.


@crizano: all of the iPad models will run iOS 5.x - ours is running 5.0.1 now.


16 GB sells for $299, 32 GB for $359, and 64 GB for $399.
These aren't really bad prices based on what I'm seeing on Amazon.

However, it comes with a 90 day warranty, but doesn't say factory warranty, which seems kind of shady as they're claiming factory reconditioned. The units that Apple are selling as refurbs have a 1 year warranty and they're very close in price. (32GB with AT&T 3G is $399, for example - $40 more for an Apple 1 year warranty is a pretty good deal.)


Google search yields this internal link on Apple.

$299, $399, and $499 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB are Apple's standard prices for refurbished first-generation iPads with WiFi only. But the Apple store is presently out of stock. They're running specials on the WiFi+3G 32GB and 64GB models presently at $399 and $499.

Apple certified refurbs from the Apple store come with a 1 year warranty, not a 90 day warranty.

Personally, I would wait for the 16GB's to be available at the same price from Apple, and spring for the extra $40 for wifi on the 32GB from Apple.


It looks like the 16GB models are already sold out.


Aren't we just comparing Apples to Apples here? te he


Now its $359 for the 32GB version. Not overly worth it for 32GB version.


@unif2: In time, nearly all technology products will 'go down' in price. So, by your logic, we 'Americans' should keep waiting, and..., well..., never buy anything that has the potential to eventually be upgraded. Brilliant! If we keep 'being patient', we'll all be rich! But with no fun gadgets to take over the world...


"Recertified" is not necessarily the same as "refurbished" or "reconditioned." I have an image of a processing facility where the imfamous "they" receive used iPads, make sure they work properly and don't have too many scratches, clean 'em, pack 'em, and sell 'em as "recertified."

That being said, this is still a pretty good deal. I jumped on the exact same product for $279.00 from their sister site on Black Friday.


So the consensus is:

1) The price is pretty reasonable, but we've seen better on Black Friday and we expect the price to continue to drop with the release of the iPad3 (thanks to some brilliant forecasting by someone who appears to dislike the country he/she has chosen to reside in - I feel sorry for you)

2) We're concerned about the warranty - you can get a full year warranty from Apple

Any idea how legit the website is? I've never heard of them before, and am wary about any website related to Dailysteals (c'mon, isn't that a bit like calling your taxicab firm "Takemeforaride"?).

And, of course, tablet prices appear to be in freefall right now. I saw a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for almost this price yesterday and an Acer 10.1 tablet for $230 on Monday. Both much better than the 80 dollar mystery tablets that are so poor, you might as well build your own.


@unif2: Nice! Two American bashes in 1 hour. I'm glad you feel better. But you are correct, waiting for a better unit would be the way to go.


I ordered an item from Daily Steals back in October and was also a bit concerned as it was my first order with them and I couldn't find much info on them and aside from the shipping taking longer than I'd hoped (they say they will ship within five business days but usually less...and it was at least five business days before they shipped it) everything was fine. I wasn't in a huge hurry so my experience was overall good. The item I ordered did not specify factory refurbished in the listing but it was a factory refurbished model when I received it. It wasn't an iPad, though, so that doesn't necessarily mean much.


First off, if Apple is the one recertifying/rebuilding, its going to be as close to new as you can possibly get. That shouldn't be confused with a 3rd party "refurbished" where they replace the screen and don't replace the battery and such. $300 for an Apple 1st gen iPad is pretty good. Prices aren't going to drop that much once the 3rd gen comes out and iPads still reign when you're talking about a very high quality, well thought out device with a lot of polish.


the website seems a bit shady though
i jst checked the reseller ratings and it was bad
they dont even have a phone number to contact with
anyone have experince with them???


I have bought refurbished sansa clips from this company a couple times in the past and have been pleased with them. That's obviously not the same level of technology as an iPad, but my items arrived in the conditioned I'd hoped for and shipping did not take all that long (I believe that I received my items in 10 business days).



Let's investigate a hypothetical situation here. Let's say the iPad 3 was due to come out in just 1 month, after which the iPad 2 will drop down to just $50 more expensive than this iPad deal. Wouldn't it be advisable to wait? Well, the iPad 3 will not come out in just 1 month. Most likely, it will come out in 3 months. That's just a difference of 2 months. Can't you wait 2 months, or are you that brainwashed by Apple that you need this shiny gadget right now?



Yes I do feel better. Thank you. And thank you for agreeing with me.


If you can find one, Sam's club has the iPad1 64GB + 3G for $399.

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Not sold out yet. Gee what a surprise.


@kerowyn: Yeah, those $1 apps are killing me!