dealscraftsman 18v 3/8" chuck cordless drill/driver…


Only one battery included, but still a good price on a starter drill.


very good price on an 18v drill. probably nicad though, doesn't say. lithium ion would be nice. anyone know? I bought two new batteries for my (12v nicd) makita in 2009 for $44 ea, I'm only a basic user, and they're already tired. I think getting this instead is a better plan than getting more batteries for the makita.



Powerful Motor Powered by a 18.0 Volt NiCd battery. Plenty of power for your more heavy duty projects like cabinet installation, deck repairs and any light, moderate or heavier DIY project you may have. • 2 Speed Gear Box Provides 2 speeds for fast drilling or high torque for powerful driving. Variable speed ranges from 0-350(High Torque) to 0-1300(High Speed) • Variable Speed Trigger with Electric Brake Allows the user to match the speed to the job at hand. Upon release of the trigger the motor will immediately stop thanks to the electric brake. • 24 Position Clutch Choose from 1 of 24 torque settings to properly match the desired torque to the task. Select from 1 to 8 for light duty work like drywall applications. Select from 9 to 18 for medium duty work like drilling into soft woods. Select from 19 to 24 for driving the fastener flush to the surface. • LED Work Light Illuminates the area where the work is being done. • Rubber Soft Grip For comfort during use and project protection


Hold out for the Li-ion batteries. I had Nicads and am much happier with the upgrades.


don't go here. hold out for a couple weeks, the 19.2 set will be on sale. I replaced mine a while back after 15 years (!) of faithful service. The motor just burst into flames. the original nicad batteries only last a couple hours now, but they are good backup still. So i bought a lithium set for ~$90. i'm a regular user, and i didn't charge it (the lithium) for a YEAR.
Also, sears makes everything from dustbusters to sawzalls to weedwhackers to meat slicers that use the C3 19.2 batts. I may have made one of those up, unless you are involved in a serious accident with the aforementioned sawzall.


This isn't a very good drill, and definitely doesn't include the lithium battery.

I bought one to replace a 6 year old Craftsman model that the batteries had failed in. It's bigger, clunkier, heavier, and the batteries are horrible, even by NiCad-NiMiH standards. It's so bad, that I shelled out the $40 for replacement packs for the old one and threw this one in the closet.

If you really are interested, I would try to get a Sears store and see one, and than you will see how large and ridiculous the design of this thing is.

For only $10 or $15 more, you can get a pretty decent selection of drills with the LiOn batteries.