dealsbaroque damask duck brand duct tape 1.88 in. x 10…


Shipping $5 (7-14 days) to $36 overnight.
Even the cheapest shipping kind of negates the $1.99 product price :(
Also note this roll is only 10 yards(probably standard for this pattern) but other patterns can be up to double, 20 yards.


@jjeff: Buy more rolls and the freight is not a issue of course one roll is going to cost you. There is no Duck Brand Pattern in 20 yards. The colors are in 20 yards. So do your research before you open your mouth.


Make it 3 rolls ($5.97) and it goes to $8.96 shipping


@brien20: You are correct, only "colors" come in the 20yd roll. I knew that and should have probably said "other styles" because I agree, a color isn't a pattern :)