deals$99 for one year of unlimited downloads (50,000…


I was skeptical when I saw the "clips" rather than "episodes" or anything that would suggest full / complete content. So I clicked through to browse, "Most Downloaded". What was I greeted with? These titles:

"Eagle Nebula" "Spinning Globe at Outer Space" "Terrain" "Slow Motion Windy American Flag" "Swirling Colored Stage Spotlights" "Orange Stream Beam & Particle" etc.

Yeah, uh... Pass.


Just to clarify for anyone who might be confused. This is not a movie/tv downloading service. This would be catering to those who are making videos, movies, commercials, etc...

They are providing royalty free stock footage, music, effects that can be used for those who are doing things like video editing. If you are expecting to be able to download movies, tv shows, entertainment content then you will be disappointed.

But, if you are in an industry where you are creating any kind of video content, then what you get access to for the price is actually a pretty good deal.


Not a bad deal at all, I might jump on this deal if I can find the money somewhere >.<

Also they have royalty free music and audio so it seems like a good deal.


Looks like a good deal if you are in the business but the description is very very vague and needs some more detail on what this is. Otherwise this will probably end up with a lot of down votes.


@daweaves98: Thank you. I was thoroughly confused!


$99?? Seems like a huge discount unless Im missing something... Regular price is $948 per year umlimited.


A few caveats: First, these are licensed clips, not public domain clips; there are actually license restrictions on their use, found at Second, Video Blocks does not apparently provide model releases, so if there's an identifiable person in a clip, you'd still likely need to track down and get permission from that person before using his/her image or voice. Still, it's a cool resource and a great deal, especially for someone with varied needs, good bandwidth and lots of storage space.


Hey everyone, I'm with Video Blocks and just wanted to clear up some of the confusion: This $99 offer (normal cost is $948) gives you the ability to download an unlimited number of clips on for one year. You can download anything you want: stock video, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, After Effects templates and more. There are NO additional charges for anything on the site. As for usage: You can use the clips in ANY type of project you want, personal or commercial. The ONLY restriction we place on the content is that you can't redistribute it to others in its original form (so if you add it into a project you can distribute it around the world, forever). Even after your subscription ends, anything you downloaded is yours to keep and use forever. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any additional questions: nikki (at)


Also, be sure to enter coupon code WOOT99 to get the 90% discount. It seems to be hard to find the coupon code on this page.


When's this expire? The coupon that is.


Coupon code still works. Just joined today. Can't wait to edit with some royalty-free clips. Sweet price. Thanks so much for posting this.