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@thunderthighs and I discussed this in the community section. Mods delete any offer than isn't actually active the second you're posting it. I know. Ridiculous in some cases. It was a rule put in place after we had people posting deals 2+ weeks in advanced, then complaining that it was getting posted again when the date drew near. We've went from one extreme to the other...


I used this the last time they ran this special. I was surprised that the line was so short when I go there a little after 9:00. Redeemed this and got an order of noodles. Sounds like that's whats for dinner tonight :)


That's a good way to make sure of no leftovers...


Free diarrhea after 9pm? Alright!


So basically, its stale and they are going to throw it out anyway? Do these places stay open past 10?


Actually, depending on location this is probably their most in-demand menu item. The chances of it being stale past 9pm are not as likely as you would think. Plus, if there is a strong turnout for this promotion then they will keep cooking up fresh batches.


@firebirdude: Yup, you're right! I was technically in the wrong for posting it "early". BUT, it was past midnight for me, here in Joinville, Brazil. I know that shouldn't count, and I'm not gonna cry about what the mods do, cuz they work hard and they keep things in order. Well at least, enough order, so that there's just a little bit of looseness and chaos, so that things are still fun.

But for what it's worth, I should be getting some kind of brownie points for keeping it tight with my d.w peeps even in the southern hemisphere, right? ;)


If their idea of giving away free chicken is like it was a couple months ago, they can keep their sample...all we got was a tiny kids meal cup of chicken. it was a JOKE!! Not worth driving down there for a tiny kids cup with maybe 3 chicken nuggets inside...don't waste your time!! :(( EPIC FAIL!!


I wanted to reach behind the counter and grab the serving tub of chicken. That would have been worth it!!


What good is the coupon? after 9 the (profanity) is so hard it bounces


@robert9901: "Free diarrhea after 9pm? Alright!"

I'm thinking that perhaps you should go visit your doctor, as apparently there's something wrong with your digestive system. When your digestive system is operating properly, you should not get diarrhea from eating food.


It seems extra hot, I wonder if the put in extra chilli's?