dealsdozen krispy kreme glazed doughnuts for $1.11


Why am I suspicious about this coupon? Could it be that it's not coming from the KrispyKreme web site that makes me wonder about it?

I've been embarrassed before trying to use a fake coupon that the merchant doesn't accept. Some people like to make something that looks like a coupon and then post it around the net.

The price of 1.11 should have been offered on 11/11/2011 instead of 11/16 through 11/17 as the coupon shows. Otherwise, why that specific price?


One top of that this is the sketchiest coupon I've ever seen. A 4 number bar code? Yeah... um... no.... This looks like something a student taking an intro class on Photoshop would make


I've seen this coupon on a few other coupon sites. Some of them say it is good 11/16 thru 11/17. Another says "Not good on West coast." And almost ALL of them advise one to call ahead to their local KK to see if they will accept this coupon.


Here's an offer for a free doughnut and it linked directly to the Krispy Kreme site. Of course that offer isn't valid any longer but it shows that they would have their own coupons on their own site.


Would be nice if we had one in Kalamazoo but they went out of bussiness because they could not compete with the local guys. We no longer have a Dunkin either. Not often the local wins over the corporate giant


@koberlee: wow, never heard of that happening before. its always good to see the local guys win sometimes!


It's local to Atlanta.

So where it says, "Participating locations" - that refers to 5 stores (according to Krispy Kreme's store locator).

I nearly posted this last night when I saw it on another deal site, but then I saw the Atlanta restriction that didn't figure it was worth bothering.

It's $1.11 because it's sponsored by a local News station, 11 Alive.

Here's a direct link to the news story about this.

Here's a direct link to the "real" coupon offered by that news station.


I wish we had a Krispy Kreme in my city =(


Not valid in Philadelphia. Called Krispy Kreme corporate office and they said it was a bogus coupon people made to "be silly".

Please give this deal negatives so it is off the front page and does not cause people to waste their time.


@anotherhiggins: (Sarcastically said), the news has never been wrong about anything.

I like @stv6669 who called Krispy Kreme and they said it was bogus so what does that say about your channel 11 news in Atlanta? They didn't fact check properly before posting news.


I'll RIP it. It was posted on a reputable site, and was listed as location specific. Sorry for the confusion.


I didn't know there were that many Krispy Kreme shops left. They collapsed just as rapidly as they expanded back in the late 90s; I thought they collapsed all the way to nothing.

That said, I still don't live within a few hundred miles of one. I'll have to go to Dunkin Donuts instead.


@cengland0: @cengland0: Whoa, why so hostile?

Did you read any my link? Did you even read my post??

I didn't find some tiny news outlet that jumped on the bandwagon and reported what was already on the deal sites.

No, what I found is the source of the information, which is a TV station in a pretty big freaking market that teamed up with the local Krispy Kreme franchise to offer a deal for their viewers for a single day. News channel 11 - $1.11 for a donut. See the connection?

FYI: I saw that news story on their site yesterday, well before this deal "went live". It was linked to on SD, where I first saw the deal.

I wouldn't expect this sort of local promotion would have to be signed off on by corporate.

[Edit] I see you've edited your comment to tone down the rudeness - or at least snarkiness. I appreciate that and have removed an especially bitter line from this post.


@anotherhiggins: Actually, I didn't edit any of my comments.

If it was a valid coupon for Atlanta only, the coupon should have said for Atlanta only. If it did, I would probably have ignored the deal and moved on with my life.

The coupon spread like wildfire through the net. There are several sites that are now posting it as if it's a valid deal. A deals.woot user has contacted their corporate office and confirmed it is not a valid coupon.

Suppose it doesn't matter, the deal has been RIP'd.


@cengland0 said, "Actually, I didn't edit any of my comments."

sigh I should let it go, but I just can't.

The first time I read your comment, it included the line, " what does that say about your channel 11 news in Atlanta?"

And just to avoid any back-and-forth, he-said-she-said nonsense, here's a screenshot of your comment before you edited it.

To reiterate, I don't think that Krispy Kreme corporate would have to approve - or be aware of - a deal that a franchise owner agrees to.

Maybe the whole thing is a hoax - I don't know. But neither do you. And I don't see why we should be rude to each other about it, especially since we were both skeptics who questioned the authenticity of the deal.


They really put the spoof in spoofee, amirite?

Oh... wait... That was intentional, wasn't it?


@anotherhiggins: I still stand by my statement that I didn't edit my message.

I saw your image and isn't that exactly what the current version of my message says? What do you see now? I see exactly what is in your image snapshot. If you see something different, I'd be curious what that is.


This has been photoshopped. The original coupon came from here:

At the bottom it says it's for Atlanta locations, not US locations.


Total crap. Not worth anything outside of five locations in GA. Whoever posted this should be banned form posting ever again.