dealswalgreens - 15-20% off entire purchase (in-storeā€¦


I posted this.identical info yesterday. I would love to know why wootbot whacked my posting.


It worked great for me ! Saved on stuff I always need and free shipping is automatic, code is needed for discount - but works. Glad I found this today (10/19/2012), it's a one day deal


@thewidup: because it's only for deals that are currently running


@sara567: isn't that a little lame? Wouldn't you rather know in advance so you might be able to wait a day (or 12 hours) and save some dough?


....which would now make their prices only about 10-15% higher than everyone else.


As with anything, if you shop smart, you can save. I got a lot of items, was able to use both codes, and scored 3000 points on my Bonus card, all the while getting items I needed.

Thanks for the heads up.


$25 for free shipping AFTER coupon... Kind of disappointing. :(


@c45513: Why would adding the coupon change their policy about free shipping on orders over $25? It doesn't say "Free shipping if your total was over $25 before we gave you money off."

No free shipping after a certain amount has ever worked that way.


@thewidup: This debate has been had. Unfortunately, people would post a deal weeks ahead of time and then no one would be able to find it the day of. So, the PTB ruled that only currently active deals may be posted. Sorry you got deleted for being early.


You can use "LOVELY20" for 20% off online


@jjj611: funny. Its worked for me any other time ive done it. Besides, spending $25 and getting $3 off just to spend $3 on shipping again is kind of pointless if you want to save money. All im saying is they lost my sale.