dealshow to archer: the ultimate guide (kindle edition…


I spy a grammatic error in the title.


Bought it b/c Archer is so awesome. Thanks for the post.


Also available on iBooks for $1.99


Wow, 8 down votes?
The title of a book doesn't matter?

"How to Archer: The Ultimate Ever Written", does not make sense, so when you insert the operative phrase "Guide to Espionage, Style, Women, and Cocktails" in the middle of it, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

"How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage, Style, Women, and Cocktails"

The words "Ever Written" are superfluous.


Love the show, but probably never would have bought. But for $2? Looks great on Kindle Fire.


I purchased the Kindle edition when it first came out a few months (year?) ago. Now, I LOVE Archer. I can quote it with the best of them. I NEVER miss an episode.

The book is decently funny, the problem is most of the comedy is found in the footnotes. Footnotes that are PAINFUL to read on a kindle. Each time Archer makes a comment where he also makes a side comment, you have to cursor up to the footnote marker, press enter,and wait for the kindle to find the footnote and display it. Then you mash the 'back' button, wait for the kindle to find the page you were on, and re-display it.

Some pages have multiple footnotes, so you end up doing this MULTIPLE times.

I love my Kindle - it's the only thing I read books on. But the way this one is formatted is a KILLER. If the side-comments were made without the need for navigation (possibly parenthetically), this would have been a hoot to read. Otherwise, I think I would actually recommend the hard copy over the Kindle ed.


Definitely formatted to be read on a touch device. The million footnotes are a pain on a Kindle Keyboard. I loaded it onto my rooted Nook tablet and am enjoying it quite a bit though. I wouldn't recommend the Kindle version unless you've got a touch device, but if you do, definitely snag a copy.


@jgrundner: You would think I stole candy from a little baby.