deals12 month oprah magazine subscription for $0.00…


Will O magazine be around this long?


@wootmeharder: Good call, I hate Oprah, but maybe there are some people out there who like her stuff...


"Sponsor(s) not responsible for any damage to computer equipment related to participating in this promotion."


Who knows if it's legit, but at the top left of the link there's a "4,497 Subscriptions Claimed" at the time I am posting this.

It claimed I was successful after having to reject a crapton of spam offers, though. We'll see.


Anybody that wants it can have my copy.

Hate to have to claw my eyes out after reading it.


@mtm2: I was thinking the same thing. I would rather get my wife a subscription to Cosmo so I could secretly cram for the tests I know would be coming.


@jezebelseven: Presuming it is legit, it now says "5,113 Subscriptions Claimed", when it says it will only offer 5000. So, possibly dead.